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Real Joes 4th Wave

Here is the 3rd wave of my Real Joes. The Pilot and Commando are 2nd versions of previous characters.  To see all the Real Joes line in larger photos check out the Real Joes page.

RJ-pilot   RJ-commando

RJ-flamethrower    RJ-intel

Real Joes 3rd Wave

I have updated my Real Joes (a realistic modern reinterpretation of GI Joe).  I have 36 new 6-7″ scale figures!  you can see all of them in the REAL JOES gallary.

RJ-sniper    RJ-tracker

RJ-ranger     RJ-medic

20 Year Retrospective of over 800 figures and the reveal of the anniversary line

20 Year Anniversary Line – Once Upon A Time In Space

I am proud to announce the completion of what a line that is meant to celebrate 20 years of professional toy design and creation.

Click through to see all 10 figures, individual photos, & read about each character and their design inspiration. MAIN PAGE

R2- hero group

eBay Listings


I have posted a number of items including miniatures that were built by my and displayed at Star Wars Celebration & a number of custom figures.  I have reduced the prices from what are listed here on the site and will be changing them here to reflect that.  I also have the listed with free shipping.  Many of these pieces are quite popular and were covered heavily by internet media sources.  The listings can be found HERE>


Some more original RPG figures

As I have stated before I am a lifelong fan of role playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons which I have been playing since junior high, through high school and college and into my adulthood still.  I love making figures based on my various characters from my 30+ years of gaming.


My life long love of Akira Kurosawa and samurai history does frequently lead to my playing samurai-eque characters.


Varis Loreweaver is without a doubt my favorite character I have ever played.  He is a medieval rock god, a la David Bowie and has an alternate identity, which I was able to fool my fellow players with for years.  One of my favorite aspects was the playlists of songs themed around the spell he would cast that I would actually play when he cast is bardic musical magic.


Varis evolved over the years and rarely revisit a character, but as certain items became integral to his story I did add them to the figure.  I also made characters based on my sister and brother-in-law’s characters that played in that group at the time.

6″ Cantina Customs – Budget & Speed Builds

I recently came across a local toy vendor that was selling a bunch of loose 6″ scale Hasbro Black Series figures.  They were in rough shape and had no accessories.  So I bought them and began a fun experiment.  I would try to spend only a few dollars on each figure, other the the figure I bought I would only use parts I had on hand and my own sculpting, and complete one figure a day in the hours after I left my regular job.  Some turned out great, others could use some work, but that was all in the spirit of the challenge I set myself.  I hope you enjoy my return to my favorite Star Wars location…The Mos Eisley Cantina.

6BS-boshek6BS-dannik6BS-djas puhr6BS-duros 26BS-Duros16BS-labria6BS-evazan6BS-ponda6BS-nubren6BS-tonnika6BS-wuher6BS-yerka

New – 6″ Scale Custom Black Series intro

No scene has captured my imagination over the years like the Mos Eisley Cantina. I have been fascinated by it since childhood and created it in a variety of mediums over my career.

It started when I was a kid modifying vintage Kenner figures.  Unfortunately due to an accident few of them remain.  I also at this time made my first cantina out of scrap plywood in my dad’s garage.  The story of my toy career was documented in a Lucasfilm approved documentary called “In a Galaxy”  Unfortunately the documentary was bought by Verizon and launched on their failed media Go90 platform were it is now lost for ever.  Here is an older photo (I am getting ready to get these figures out and take some good photos.  I apologize for the quality but they were shot by me at a very young age with 1980’s camera, probably a Kodak disk.

old cantina



In the 90’s as a kid I got really into customizing I had made virtually every Star Wars character you could imagine. It was era before Hasbro had made all the background characters.  I wanted to have as many of them as I could. Here are some of the Mos Eisley characters.  In this era I was mostly posting on message boards before I had my own site.

Sillof 3.75 Star wars customs figures cantina patrons 1 1990's

I, of course, made new dioramas of the cantina numerous times.  Many have been displayed at various Star Wars Celebrations over the years such as at C2, C3, & C4.

Cantina Donation


All of the customs and dioramas were part of a long endeavor to recreate a lost film from my childhood that was a stop motion retelling of Star Wars with toys.   I eventually remade the film with the help of my daughter who was 5 at the time.  It was called “Toy Wars”.  I was meant to be done in a purposely cheap looking style.  Kind of a somewhat better version of the one I made when I was younger but featuring my customs and dioramas but some purposely low budget effects and gags.  Here is part 5, featuring the cantina.


I have created this scene and its exotic alien patrons in virtually every imaginable scale and line.

sillof custom star wars mos eisley cantina lego

sillof custom star wars mos eisley cantina lego



In the coming days I will posting dozens of new 6″ scale customs of the Mos Eisley Cantina patrons.

New RPG Figures

So I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 30 years.  As a kid I would toil away trying to draw pictures of them.  Well to be more accurate I would trace bodies out of my Marvel Universe comics and draw on the armor and tunics.  Something I love doing now is creating my current D&D characters in 6″ action figures.  

First up is my Halfling Bard named Joven Luckbender.  Everything around his is themed to luck.  His bard artform is jokes so he actually tells bad jokes in the game.  He uses his magic flute as a flail.

Second, is Warforged Warlock name Furnis.  He made a pact with Bahamut to free some dragons from a magical forge where they were all enslaved.  He is from a new campaign I was playing with my daughter and her friends.  They thought he was just a guy in a suit of armor for a long time.  He has a familiar small dragon named Novis.

Star Wars Celebration announcement


So 17 years ago I wandered into something called the Diorama Workshop at Star Wars Celebration 2.  Little did I know that I would spend the entire convention in a small room making a massive diorama of Mos Eisley.  Also, I did not realize that I would meet Frank Diorio, a man that I have now worked with know at 8 Star Wars Celebrations. Frank runs  


If you don’t know what a Star Wars Celebration it is the name of the official Star Wars conventions that occur every 2-3 years.   At the workshops fans come and build a small piece of a diorama that will eventually combine to make a massive scene from a film.  It is all free and whatever you make you get to keep and take home. 

We have built Mos Eisley, the Death Star, Endor, Hoth, Tatooine, Bespin, and the Death Star surface with a Hot Wheels race track down the trench.  You can learn more about some of the past celebrations I have helped with here.

This years Celebration is in Chicago, IL on April 11-15 at McCormick Place.  We will be back again for one of the largest and longest running events at the Celebrations. 

Over the years we have partnered with companies like Hasbro, Mattel, Smooth-on, Aves, Sculpey and more.  This year we are going in a whole new direction and partnering with Fantasy Flight Games, makers of such awesome products as X-Wing, Imperial Assault, and Legion.  Our entire build is designed in 1/48 scale and will be the Battle of Scarif from Rogue One.  Guests will be able to make beach, jungle, and water scenes and custom create trees, bunkers, and more.  

For the last 4 conventions I have also been running what we call Master Classes.  This years I will be free running daily classes on how to paint miniatures.  So if you are going to be at Star Wars Celebration be sure to stop by and sign up for a slot as they can fill up quickly.

We have an amazing team of crew who have been with us as far back as C4 and on.  Everyone has a role and is putting in a ton of work before the show.  My contributions will include making a number of the most memorable scenes from Rogue One in miniature form as well as creating numerous small easter egg scenes to try and spot.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as I have a lot of fun sunrises in store for the show and possibly some giveaways for subscribers. 

If you would like to volunteer or keep up with all our announcements head over to to keep up to date with all the videos Frank will be posting.